The aim of our in-house laboratory team is guarantee high and constant quality.
Experts control the quality of incoming raw materials. Moreover, before delivering products to customers they check that all norms, material specifications and special customer requirements have been followed.
The results of their controls are sent to production team so as to allow continuous improvements.

Giuseppe & F.lli BONAITI S.p.A.’s laboratory offers a wide range of tests and services:

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength test   
Deep drawing test        
Folding test (180°)           
Hardness Vickers test           
Hardness Brinell test           
Hardness Rockwell test   

Characteristics of the surface:

Waviness parameters
Surface topography
Grain size
Grain stretching
Grain structure
Surface decarburation
Purity grade
Tempered condition
Cementite grain size