Our Laboratory

Our company has a modern and functional laboratory, where various type of analysis on incoming and outgoing material are executed. Each test is carried out by our engineers according to national and international norm  ( ASTM, UNI, DIN ecc.) or according to internal specification (I.O). Here below the list of tests Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti can effectuate:

Tensile strenght test
(UNI EN ISO 6892-1)
Folding test (180°)
Vickers Hardness test
(UNI EN ISO 6507-1-2-3)
Brinell Hardness test   
(UNI EN ISO 6506-1-2-3)
Rockwell Hardness test
(UNI EN 6508-1-2-3)
Decarburation test(ISO 3887:2006 UNI EN 10132:2002 steel strip EN 10263:2001 wire I.LAB.004)
Inclusion test   
(UNI 3244/DIN 50602; I.LAB.004)
Test  of the metallographic structure
(Sep 1520 analysis of the quantity of perlite, metallographic dimension of the carbids, band of the carbids, I.LAB.004)
Test of the apparent grain size(UNI EN ISO 643:2006/ASTM E 112; I.LAB.004)
Roughness test
(I.O. N°41 roughness test; ISO 1997)
Chemical analysis
(I.LAB 005)